Join The Ear Trumpet Network

Ear Trumpet Audio is always looking for creative and interesting independent podcasts to join our network. We work on a “all for one, one for all” approach, sharing in advertising opportunities, exchange of skills and expertise, and the ultimate goal covering costs of production for each of our independent podcasters. Each of our independent podcast producers has a vote in what new shows we bring on as well.

Our fundraiser drive is planned for January 2017 with a profit split between all our shows.

What sort of podcasts are you looking for?

Interesting podcasts on nearly all subjects are welcome to submit. We are especially looking for podcasts covering

  • General Knowledge
  • Current Events or History
  • Video Gaming
  • True Crime
  • Fictional Storytelling/Radio Drama (either scripted or improv)
  • Current TV shows

We are currently not taking submissions for general movie podcasts or general “geek culture” unless the show is well established (more than 40 episodes).  Music podcasts are considered on a case by case basis.

How do I submit my podcast?

Simply fill out the form below.  Our network operator, Stephanie Stone-Robb, will be in touch usually within 3 business days.